Magic & Comedy

Magician Ristiharju

Two time winner of Nordic Championships of Magic
Five time winner of Finnish Championships of Magic
Taikuri Ristiharju Taikuutta aikuisille

Magic & Comedy

Magician Ristiharju

Two time winner of Nordic Championships of Magic
Five time winner of Finnish Championships of Magic

A Unique Combination of Magic and Humour

Your guests will laugh!
Your guests will be amazed!
Your guests will be a part of the show!
Your guests will remember your event!

And you will look good

Magician Ristiharju is one of the most popular magicians working in Finland today! Ristiharju also works to many international audiences in Finland and also abroad. Ristiharju performs fluently in English but has also studied Russian and Spanish. However due to the nature of the Magic, there doesnt even have to be a common language, since the Magic will break all the walls and create something everyone can enjoy.

“I’ve never been so amazed!” – Lapland Safaris 

Show types

For international audiences Magician Ristiharju offers 3 basic show types. Please use this as a guide to best decide the type of entertainment that is right for you. It is also possible that Ristiharju creates customized shows to suite your needs. For more information, please contact Ristiharju by email.

Strolling Magic

This type of magic is perfectly suited for cocktail hours or events that requires a flexible form of personalized entertainment. Strolling magic can happen thru out the event when ever there is no other activities going on. Ristiharju mingles with your guests while presenting intimate personalized magic shows for small groups at a time. This is the perfect icebreaker creating interactions and shared experiences with all who attend. Magic happens just inches away or even in the hands of your guests. Strolling magic is a great addition to almost any event, heightening the magical atmosphere. This is magic at its purest form, engaging, enlightening, and simply breathtaking!


Close-up Magic Show

This is magic that has brought Ristiharju most of his awards and international recognition. For Close-up Magic show Ristiharju has created and gathered only the strongest pieces of magic. This is pure close-up sleight of hand magic done right under your eyes and effects culminate in a stunning climaxes that must be seen to believe! The show is full of audience participation, strong magic, and sensible humor. This type of show is perfect for groups of 5-30 and it will create a shared intimate experience that will last for years. Close-up Magic show is perfect after dinner entertainment or highlight to more relaxed evening.

Ristiharju’s close up shows lasts usually around 60 minutes but can be tailored to your needs. Close-up Magic show can be performed almost anywhere from living room to small banquet room.

Ristiharju lähitaikuus

Stand-Up Magic Show/After dinner stage show

This type of show is perfect for larger audiences of 30 or more, and it showcases Ristiharjus talents as magician and stand-up comedian. The show is fast phased mix of Magic, Music and Comedy! Truly amazing magic, clean comedy and fun entertainment that will raise the atmosphere thru the roof!

Stand-up Magic Show usually lasts 40 minutes but can be tailored to your needs. Stand-up Magic Show is mainly geared to English speaking audiences and Ristiharju provides the sound system for events that have under 100 persons. The Show doesnt even require a proper stage but place where everyone has a clear view to is enough.

For special events where audience doesnt speak English Ristiharju can create customized shows with music to suite your needs.

Ristiharju live-esitys

”How did that 20 € get in the lemon????”– Raahen Psyyke ry

Contact information

Tel: 040 7654407


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